Day 12 – Use Literary Devices to Make your Copy Engaging

31 days to write better text by Denise Fay : Achieve MarketingThere are a number of literary devices that you have to hand to make your copy more engaging. Writing is an art form; just as artists have their oils and brushes, writers have their own tools.

When I was in school, I loved using literary devices to liven up copy. I use them all the time when writing advertising copy. It helps the reader to really understand, use their imagination to see what you are selling, not just your text.

Here are a few literary techniques that you can use when writing your next copy-piece.

A sentence where the same letter is used at the beginning of each word in a sentence.

  • A Wonderful Warm Way to Welcome Winter


The use of exaggeration to emphasise a point.

  • I told you a million times
  • You’re the biggest exaggerator in the world


A phrase which compares one thing to another, that would otherwise not be similar. You need to use ‘is’ with a metaphor.

  • He is such a featherhead
  • She is like a mule

A word or name of one thing is applied to something with which it is closely associated or is an attribute of thing itself.

  • Skyplus” for recording a programme
  • “The Crown” for royalty
  • “The Hill” for Ireland’s Bellewstown Races (as the racecourse is on a hill)
  • “The Old Bill” for the police


A phrase where two contradictory terms are used for emphasis.

  • Clearly confused
  • Pretty ugly


A phrase that likens one thing with another that is not normally associated. You need to use ‘as’ or ‘like’ with a simile.

  • The box was as big as a house
  • His copy was as dull as dishwater
  • Her article read like a damp squid
  • She’s as stubborn as a mule
  • As welcome as wasps on a sunny day

Day 12 – Homework

Think about the above 6 literary devices and write examples of them that come to mind. Don’t think about your website or promotional material. Just think of examples, this will help you get used to writing and thinking about them.

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