Day 23 – Content is King on the Internet

31 days to write better text by Denise Fay : Achieve MarketingThe Internet is called the superhighway for a reason. It is full of information and content. You can find any amount of content on any subject that you want. It’s the reason why we all go online – to read, to watch or listen to a video or to find out more about a particular topic.

Yet so many websites are simply cluttered with images that you don’t read the content. You look at the lovely pictures and move on.

This short article makes the point that content is king. You need to prioritise it before you create your graphics. So many websites are built around an image, leaving little room for content, the holy grail of search engine optimisation.

Content is King

Content is king on any website. Think of it this way – content is your virtual salesman, business owner or shop assistant. It sells your product. And just as you have shelves, menu cards or mannequins in your shop supporting the product, you have images on your website.

How many times have you walked into a shop with the most fantastic shelves but nothing on them? You don’t. You’ll go into the shop when the shelves are full.

It’s the same online. Graphics support your content. Every business has it’s own supports and on the internet, graphics and images support your content.

Content and Graphics Work Together

Layout of text and graphics is very important. There really is nothing worse than a text-laden page. Similarly there is nothing worse than a page with lots of images and no content to browse.

The two work well together. A picture tells a thousand words so you need graphics, images or animations to brighten up your text. Just prioritise on the content.

People visit your site again and again because they want to read the content that you have – your blog, articles, opinions, whitepapers, interviews. Also the search engines love content. They send their spiders to websites with good, useful content. They don’t send their spiders to sites which have little content and lots of images.

Day 23 – Homework

Be aware when you create your webpage. While it is tempting to have lots of images, they can distract from your message. Get the balance right. Start with your content and find images or graphics to support it.

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  1. Shane CowleyShane Cowley10-27-2010

    Hi there,
    As a photographer, images and photographs are the lifeblood of my site.
    However, after a conversation with Denise about a year ago, I realised that content is key. People want to know a bit more about the photographer that they hire.

    Photos tell one story, but words tell another.

    Now, I have more text on my site as well as the blog. I am getting really good feedback from the blog so yes, I have to agree, Content is King.


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