Day 26 – 9 Steps to Writing a Successful Sales Script

31 days to write better text by Denise Fay : Achieve MarketingWhen I was creating the curriculum for this programme, the subject of sales scripts cropped up. I was talking with a client and he wanted to know, could I or would I write a sales script so that his team would have more success ‘getting their foot in the door.’

They are tough to call, sales scripts. I mean, who hasn’t experienced that false cheeriness and false sincerity on a call. There really is nothing worse than getting a sales call whereby you can actually feel the phony-ness oozing down the phone from the get-go.

These days, people are making more cold calls and are selling themselves more at networking events. And on the flip side, more business owners are prepared to listen to people making cold calls.

Sincerity, research and knowledge pays off before you talk to anyone – whether it’s on a document, on the phone or face to face.

Why use a Sales Script?

There are a number of reasons why sales scripts should be used. Here are the three main ones.


The main reason that someone should write and use a script is for focus. It allows a person to focus their thoughts and focus on what they want from the phone call or face to face encounter.


It also allows you to control the conversation. Not in a dogmatic way but a way that allows you to guide the conversation. So perhaps guide is a better word than control!


You will avoid that ‘doh!’ moment when you hang up or walk away and realise that you forgot to ask an important question. It’s so easy to do; you get drawn into conversation that you forget to ask some all-important question

Types of Script

While I’ve mentioned telephone scripts here, there are times outside of a cold call where scripts are useful. These include:

  • Telephone scripts
  • Networking scripts
  • Referral scripts
  • Presentation scripts
  • Video scripts
  • ‘Pick your brain’ script

Writing a Sales Script

1. Go back to basics

Before you begin to write a script, I want to go back to basics. Revisit Day 1 and Day 2. These resources will help you focus on the writing and researching of your audience. While a sales script is generally delivered orally, you need to be prepared.

2. Write the way you talk

I mentioned earlier in the article about that false cheeriness you often get with sales staff. Do they really care if I’m having a really bad day? No!

So if you don’t normally get on the phone and ask “How are you today on this fine sunny day? Is it sunny over there in (insert location)?“, then don’t do it if you’re selling your product.

Be natural.

3. Always get and give a name

Look for the person’s name that you are talking to? I will always chat to someone’s using their name. It’s so important, it’s an almost instant connection.

4. Prepare a one sentence opener

Marketing and sales consultants regularly ask their clients or prospects about their unique selling point. Why? Because it focuses on what makes you different to the supplier up the street.

After you’ve introduced yourself, you need something that makes you stand out. And what better way to do that is to tell the truth about yourself and what to you do.

5. Talk about benefits

When creating your one-liner, mention benefits not features. A person at the other end of the phone couldn’t care less that you’re next door, tell them what you do to make their life better. They don’t need another nice neighbour!

You’re the expert in your field so tell them that and why they should listen to you on this call.

6. Know the jargon

Every industry has certain words applicable to that industry. These jargon phrases should be used when making your call. But have a clear understanding about them. Don’t use if you don’t know what they mean.

7. Have a case-study ready

Usually I write case-studies which are 2 pages long, but I don’t think your prospect wants to hear a case-study that long.

Use a case-study to tell your prospect that a similar business has engaged your services. This creates instant credibility because you know their industry and other businesses have ‘tried you first’.

8. Keep the conversation fluid

Keep the conversation fluid. I’ve spoken quite a lot about the flow of a written document during these 31 days and the same applies to your script. Make sure that it flows and your conversation is a natural one. Okay, so it is a sales conversation but it can be natural. Stay away from the phonyness and insincerity.

9. Ask for what you want

Whether it is an appointment, a meeting, further contact details, a sale – ask for it. Your prospect isn’t a mind reader and while you might be leading up to the ask, they don’t know what it is until you ask for it. Be natural, be polite and be firm.

A good script allows you to say what you want to say, clearly and concisely, with room to have a natural flow to your conversation. Focus on your message and your audience – focusing on one without the other can make your call too salesy, pushy, phoney and ultimately you be dismissed.

Day 26 – Homework

Think about if and where you could use a sales script. Do you need to focus a bit more on your telephone calls? What about your networking pitch?

Follow the eight steps above to write your own sales script.

Practice it on your team, family and friends to fine-tune.

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