Day 31 – Congratulations & Next Steps

31 days to write better text by Denise Fay : Achieve MarketingYippee! We’ve made it. Well done to all of you who took part in the ’31 days to write better copy’ challenge.

I really hope that you’ve found it useful and helpful.

What’s Next

Some of you taking part have asked me what’s next after the ’31 days to write better copy’ programme. Does it just end? Many of you while doing your homework have sent me revised versions of your text.

I’m intrigued by the amount of people who want a hard-copy version of the ’31 days to write better copy’ to have by your desk. The feedback that I’ve received is that some of the days weren’t applicable to you during October but they will be in the future. I can understand that.

As such, here’s what I’ve decided to do in terms of What’s Next.

1. eBook/Hardcopy version

Over the next little while, I’ll pull together all the articles into a pdf workbook. I’ll include the extras that I took out when writing each day. So there will be bonus examples…with bonus homework questions as well! There will be a small fee but the bonuses and easy-to-use workbook will be well worth it.

2. Fortnightly Spotlight

I’m going to introduce a free DF ‘Spotlight’ on a two-weekly basis. A reader who submits their copy for review will be in the ‘spotlight’. I’ll look at the old copy and give advice on how to change the copy.

3. Headline of the Week

I dedicated three days to writing headlines. It has been the one topic that many of you have asked questions about. To help you keep those creative juices going, I’ll feature a few of my favourite headlines that I’ve seen during the week.

4. Personal support

I’ve received more emails than comments on the blog. Some of you are very shy with coming forward with your thoughts. Let me say this – there is no such thing as a silly question. So please feel free to continue to email me your questions or thoughts. I’m here to help.


I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has participated, emailed, ‘liked’, commented, ping-backed and supported the 31 days to write better copy. It’s been a lot of fun..and hard work packing together so much content to share with you. I know I’ve learned a lot and refreshed my knowledge of punctuation and style.

I want to see well-written, engaging content from here on in.

Lets recap all you’ve learned over 31 days:

Day 1 – Understanding what your Reader Wants to Read

Looking at your writing from your readers point of view.

Day 2 – What to Do if Words Don’t Come Easy

Researching what your audience likes to read, the language they use.
Day 3 – Why Two Paracetamol Won’t Resolve Writer’s Block

Treatments to avoid procrastinating.

Day 4 – How to Write Killer Headlines – The Basics

Headlines are the gatekeeper of your article. You learned 7 basics before you write your headline.

Day 5 – How to Write Killer Headlines: 4 Techniques

4 ways to write headings.

Day 6 – Another 4 Ways to Write Killer Headlines

Another 4 great ways to write headings.

Day 7 – The Science of Paragraph Writing

3 steps to writing a successful paragraph.

Day 8 – The Art of Paragraph Writing

Making your paragraphs good enough to read.

Day 9 – How to Write a Successful Bulleted List

Things to consider when writing a list of bullets.

Day 10 – Getting to Grips with Sentence Structure

Tips to write better sentences.

Day 11 – A Rough Guide to Punctuation

A list of the main punctuation marks and when to use them correctly.

Day 12 – Use Literary Devices to Make your Copy Engaging

An insight into the paintbrushes of the writing world.

Day 13 – Use Sub-Headings to Break up Your Text

Why and how sub-headings should be used in your documents.

Day 14 – Forget diamonds. Editing is the writers best friend

A checklist when editing your documents.

Day 15 – Be Careful with your Choice of Language

How to choose your words with care.

Day 16 – Writing Styles, They are a Changing

Realise that writing styles have changed and how to analyse your writing style.

Day 17 – Why you should include a PS Statement

5 tips when writing a PS Statement.

Day 18 – How to Use Call to Action in your Sales Literature

Benefits of Call to Action and three pieces of advice.

Day 19 – The Role of Emotion in Copy-writing

Emotional triggers and how to use them.

Day 20 – Features & Benefits – What’s your Take?

The argument for leading with benefits before features.

Day 21 – Email Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Emailing

Understanding email as a communication method with 7 Do’s and Don’ts

Day 22 – Writing Effective Email Subject Lines

Five Tips to Write Effective Email Subject Lines

Day 23 – Content is King on the Internet

Why graphics support content.

Day 24 – Measuring Copy Effectiveness

Three different ways to measure your copy, including the readability score.

Day 25 – Elements of a Content Strategy

Nine types of promotional material and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Day 26 – 9 Steps to Writing a Successful Sales Script

Why use a sales script and nine pieces of advice.

Day 27 – The Magic Formula of Copy-Writing

A list of motivational words proven to work

Day 28 – A Rough Guide to Grammar

6 common mistakes in grammar and how to resolve them

Day 29 – How to Brief a Copy-writer

10 elements to include in your copy-writer brief if you decide to hire one.

Day 30 – My Secret Writing System

Use the ACHIEVE model to write great copy.

Day 31 – Congratulations

Recap of what you learned and next steps.

Please keep writing. Don’t get demotivated. Bookmark Day 3 – Why Two Paracetamol Won’t Resolve Writers Block. It will keep you going.

All the best.

Take care

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