Who is your target market?

I started teaching marketing to 18 students last week and it’s great to get back to training. I’ve been busy preparing coursework, case-studies, group work discussions so haven’t had time to blog. But fear not, I’ll blog over the weekend.

But what I have reconfirmed during this time is that marketing strategy is so important. I know from talking to many small businesses that they can understand marketing communications – advertising, websites, promotional campaigns – but some don’t go back to basics to make the most of their campaigns.

I’m going to ask two questions today:

  • Who exactly is your target market?
  • Can you describe who they are and what they want?

Knowing the finer details about your target market will help your promotional campaigns.

Have you segmented your target market? I see many businesses promoting their product to many segments, only for it to get lost because it aims to be all things to all men but simply doesn’t work.

So homework for you tonight:

Define your target market. It’s only truly understanding who they are, what they want, what they like (and don’t like) that you can begin to create a picture. With that picture, you can design a message that truly sells.

This week, we talked about marketing communications. Check out the Achieve Marketing facebook page to see our favourite outdoor adverts and TV adverts. It’s fun (and educational!)

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