Even the Irish Blood Transfusion Service is doing it..

Changing their sales copy that is!

I just got their regular letter advising me that the blood clinic is coming to my hometown of Drogheda between Sunday, 8th May and Wednesday 11th May.

This time, however, I noticed that instead of the usual plea for giving blood, they stated a few facts and it read like this:

Blood transfusions are used for cancer and trauma patients, newborn babies, planned and emergency surgery every day. Also, one in four people will need a blood transfusion at some stage of their life. With your help, we can ensure that we have sufficient blood to meet the demands from 63 hospitals nationwide, every day of the week.

Talk about pulling at your heartstrings. Stating that newborn babies and cancer patients need blood gets a great reaction. It’s much better than ‘please give blood’.

People buy on emotion

That paragraph, which follows the times and dates for giving blood, literally reaches out of the page and implores you to give blood. And as we are all inherently good people, we know that by this simple gesture, we are helping people that we may not help otherwise. It’s pure emotion. People will always buy on emotion and then rationalise it. I’m thrilled to see the IBTS has changed its copy.

I’ll still give blood as my Dad had a serious accident years ago and he received many pints of blood. Without them, I’m sure he wouldn’t be here today so I’ll always try and do my bit. (Especially now that I’m over 50kg!)

Will you take the time out to help people who need it?

Give blood regularly. You will save a life.

For more information on your eligibility to give blood, please visit

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