What do Jedward & Richard Branson have in common?

They are not boring! Jedward and Richard Branson are not afraid to do something different that cuts through the clutter and gets them recognised. Both are incredibly successful and over the past year, Jedward have become a household name in Ireland and the UK.

John & Edward are making a real name for themselves. Lets face it – who goes around with hair like that on a normal day? And as a twin myself, I wasn’t dressing the same way as my sister when I was their age.

(For my US readership, Jedward are Irish twin boys who entered The X Factor in the UK to get booted out but have become major children’s entertainers. They will represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday).

Be Different

So Jedward know what to do to be different. Every time Richard Branson opened a new business, he always took on the persona of the venture. Who will ever forget the time he dressed as a bride for Virgin Brides? (and if you missed it the first time, here is the man himself as a blushing bride!)

Build Personality into your Business

As business owners, we can follow the lead by Richard Branson, Jedward and many more like them. Okay, so we don’t have to do stunts, wear bouffant hair, or dress the same as our sisters but we can add personality to our business.

You’ll hear me often say that people do business with people, because it’s true. People buy from people, not necessarily a corporation. And remember that people buy on emotion and rationalise later.

If that’s the case, then here are three ways which you can build personality into your business:

1. Build a personal relationship with customers

It’s as easy as it sounds. Little things make a huge difference. I’ve made one change in my customer ezines and the change has been significant. I now write in a friendly tone, am not afraid to say that I’ve made a mistake or be honest with marketing campaigns. The click-through rates have doubled, the open rates have increased and overall I’m getting better feedback. My readers now love my work; they used to like it, now they love it!

You too can make a simple change like this and see the result.

2. Create audio or video on your website

Written words sometimes aren’t enough. Your reader might want to see you or listen to you. We’re living in a multi-media world so video and audio is almost as expected as words. So it’s time to bite the bullet and use audio and video. If makes you feel any better, my first attempt at audio isn’t great. I was too close to the microphone but hey, it’s like our teachers always told us. Don’t throw away the rough work.

Here is my rough work – Friday Five on Audioboo

3. Share your knowledge

One of my favourite slogans is ‘Givers Gain’. You know you are an expert in your field. You know more about your business, your field of expertise than the rest of us. So give a little. Share it with the rest of the world. You’ll see the energy coming straight back and you know what? You’ll become more energised, which will be infectious and you’ll add your personality to your business.

It’s time to put a bit of Planet Jedward into your business. Are you ready?

And here’s a little something to get you ready for Saturday:

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