B…is for Buzzwords

The term ‘buzzwords’ incorporates many concepts & words. Yes, it most certainly incorporates the buzzwords that we all yawn at and those that we play the Buzzword Bingo game in meetings. (Perfect example on page 72 of the ‘31 days to write bettercopy’ book).

But buzzwords can also be colloquial words. They are words shared within a certain segment or certain geographical area.

The thing to remember about Buzzwords is that they help with your writing objective – which is to relate to your audience.

What you need to do is use the buzzwords that work and avoid the ones that don’t.

The use of colloquial words helps to keep your marketing piece friendly – if you use colloquial words in conversation, then you should use them in your copy. If use jargon in used in conversation, then use it in your copy. With copywriting, you can bend the rules a little with your grammar.

And just as it is important to use the right buzzwords, it’s important that you avoiding the over-used buzzwords. These will simply turn off your reader and your letter will be deleted or thrashed. Avoiding words such as ‘going forward‘, ‘leading‘, ‘pro-active‘, ‘seamless‘ or ‘turnkey‘ will help your copy objectives.

So use the right buzzwords in your copy. After all, they are supposed to cause a buzz about your service, product or company.

To get the rest over the coming days, bookmark: The A to Z of Copywriting

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