C…is for Call to Action

Call to actions are needed on every piece of marketing literature. What ‘call to actions’ do is help the reader take an action after they’ve read your lovely website, blog post, article, flyer or radio advert.

It’s often said that the biggest difference between successful business owners and those that aren’t is that they ASK for whatever it is they want. That could be advice or a contract. But they ask for it.

Many business owners and executives are shy to ask for what they want – but what is the worst thing that people can say? No.

As business professionals, no is just a ‘not yet‘ or ‘maybe later‘ or ‘we’ll see‘. (I say that all the time to my son!).

So in your call to actions, make sure you ask or tell people to take an action. Remember the key to writing your call to action is to portray the value that they’ll get as a result of them taking an action.

So instead of saying ‘click here‘, say ‘get report immediately‘ or instead of ‘call us today’, say ‘Discover more when you call us

Don’t let a wonderfully worded marketing piece go to waste. Ask your reader to do something.

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