Presidential Hopefuls: Who are you Connecting with?

After watching the Late Late show the other night, not one of the seven candidates convinced me that they should get my vote.

Last night on the Vincent Browne Show, it was no different. They aren’t really engaging, are they?

When they were on the Late Late, I thought there was no empathy, there was no relationship built between any of them and any of us on that stage. Ryan’s job was to be a conduit to us, the people of Ireland. He was asking questions and the candidates ought to be cognisant that the people they were answering was us..not Mr Tubridy.

Same thing yesterday.

Where was the connection?

It’s all fine and well talking about the people of Ireland and the constitution but unless you have a real understanding or a real relationship with the people, then lets face it, you’ve lost us.

It’s often said that facts tell and stories sell. If that’s the case, then the only one who told a story (except for Mr. Guinness!) was  Gay Mitchell who told us a bit about his family at the very end of the Late Late show. However, it was passionless and it was rushed.

Presidential hopefuls – let me give you this one piece of advice. You will be elected by the people of Ireland. They know who they are. They don’t need to be reminded that we are in crisis. What they want to see is a connection from you to them. Why do you think that Mary Robinson who improved the role of the President to be both an internal and external ambassdor was so well liked? She engaged and related to the average person.

Mary McAleese, an equally knowledgeable and formidable lady, recognised all the good that Mary R. did and brought her own personality to that role.

We’re not necessarily looking for a change in President. We’re not America where ‘Is Feider Linn’ is needed. The role of the President is to represent the people of Ireland – in terms of the army, in terms of the consititution and thanks to the two Marys, in terms of international stage.

It is not to create jobs. It is not to bring the north down south or the south up north. It is not to save the consitution from EU ‘dictatorship’. It is an official role as head of the army and overseer of the consitution. It is also an official role to be an ambassador for Ireland.

So Presidential hopefuls – Who are you connecting with?

Talk to us. Not just listen to us but relate to us as if you really care. Acknowledge the past presidents and above all, engage with us…as the role dictates.

Communication is certainly about listening. But it’s also about relating and building a relationship. What presidential candidate can say, hand on heart, that they are doing that?

Life has many simple truths – and this is one: People buy from people and they buy from people they like. Presidential hopefuls: you can do numerous photocalls but if people don’t like you, they won’t vote for you. Help them like you by communicating better.

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