When creating an advert, there’s a lot to learn from Subaru

On a recent trip to the US to see my sister, I watched a bit of TV. I love watching commercials when I’m out of town. It could just be me, but I love to see how companies advertise their products in other countries.

And this ad by Subaru caught my attention. For a few reasons.

Maybe it’s because I’m a mom myself but with my marketing hat on, I think it’s because the ad stands head and shoulders above the rest of the car adverts.

The facts:
1. It’s a car.
2. It helps you go from A to B.

Lets remind ourselves why people buy:
1. To solve a problem.
2. To satisfy an emotional need.

This ad shows none of the features of the car directly. There are no wheel turns, no 0-60 in 10 seconds, no engine noises, no wide open spaces in the mountains, none of the typical features of an advert promoting a car. But this ad works. Why?

1. It tells a warm story….with a great piece of music.
2. It’s aimed at women – the main purchaser in the majority of families.
3. It’s emotional – it depicts reality in a familial way.

We all could learn a lot from Subaru.

The next time you create an ad – whether it is a Pay per click ad, a newspaper ad, a video or TV ad, make sure you use emotion to sell the benefits of your product.

As a general rule, women buy on benefits; men on features. But it’s the benefit that sells – this ad captures it perfectly. I mean, who doesn’t want to drive their kids around safely or to make sure they don’t let the team down? Every car can help a parent do this..but Subaru made it obvious and put it in our consciousness.

What can you do with your product to make it’s benefit obvious? Take another look and that can be difference. Don’t dismiss a benefit just because your competitor offers the same benefit…if it’s positioned as such, you’ll be the one thanked for bringing it to your customer’s attention.

Take another look at the ad and see what you can learn from Subaru.

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  1. Hiya Missus,

    Very good, have you seen the Skoda add also very clever!

    Anyway give us a shout the next time your up in our neck of the woods as I want to treat you to a coffee and pick your brains about blogging.


  2. Claire BoylesClaire Boyles11-07-2011

    I love Subaru anyway, so I might be biased but..

    You’re absolutely right, the key to effective marketing is knowing exactly what the customer wants, then showing HOW having YOUR product will give them exactly that.

    It’s a great advert!

  3. Denise FayDenise Fay11-08-2011

    Hi Claire,

    I think it just summarises so easily how to market a car…to (most) women. Do you remember the Renault Clio ads that featured ‘papa’ and ‘nicole’…they were engaging. No driving around mountain trails – because lets face, who drives regularly around mountains and trails?!!

    It is a great ad.

    PS – thanks for acknowledging that I’m absolutely right! 😉

  4. Denise FayDenise Fay11-08-2011

    Hi Jim,

    I didn’t see that ad – very very clever. I’ll have to feature that in a mini blog post. Very good.

    I assume you’ll treat me to coffee and cake if you want to pick my brains about blogging! I’ll give you a shout.


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