Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back

Over the past number of weeks, the people of my hometown of Drogheda have come together to work together to make our town brilliant once more.

Drogheda was chosen as a town in crisis that wants to fight back – and undergo an economic regeneration. It will be featured in a six-part programme called ‘‘Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back‘ and is being produced by Animo Productions in association with RTÉ, the national TV broadcaster.

Drogheda was once a booming town, full of industry and jobs. However it has felt the effects of the downtown and even before that when industries moved out of town. Nearly one third of the town’s population is unemployed and many town centre shops are empty.

But together with Feargal Quinn and his group of experts, the people of Drogheda have been working on a number of initiatives to kick-start the economy, to put Drogheda back on the tourism map and the economic map.

With it’s access to Belfast and Dublin; the airport and the sea, Drogheda is a town well placed to rejuvenate itself.

TV Show

Local Heroes – A Town Fights Back‘ – starts on Wednesday, 9th November at 8.30 on RTE1. Ireland – you ain’t seen nothing yet of what Drogheda can produce. Turn in to find out more.

Get in contact

If you’d like to keep up-to-date on all of the developments regarding the economic regeneration programme, you can call into the Hub at 106 West Street, Drogheda; call the team at 041-9833039, visit the Local Heroes Facebook page or visit the Local Heroes website.

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  1. BelindaBelinda11-08-2011

    Hi Denise,
    Just saw this on twitter. I’m so excited to see the programme. I used to visit Butlins (or Mosney as it’s now called) for my summer holidays and we always popped into Drogheda. I always remember it as a bustling town, on the main street.

    I hope that all you locals come together and make it a success. I’m sure you will.

    Thanks for telling us a bit more about it…I didn’t hear about it until now.

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