Warning: Small Businesses & the Brand Advertising of the SuperBowl

I LOVE the Superbowl for one reason. The adverts or the commercials, whichever way you describe them. At an average cost of $4million per 30 seconds, they are simply fantastic. They are brand advertising at their super dooper best.

Some adverts go down in history (think the VW advert featuring the Darth Vader kid), others are forgotten as soon as they are played.

They really show the creativity of the agencies who create them and the marketing team of the big brands who sign them off.

Small Business Advertising Warning….

But I wanted to say this to small business owners and marketing managers – do not model your adverts on big brands like those advertising on Superbowl Sunday.

As a small business, you are looking for a response from your ad. That means a phone call, an email, a walk into a store – something that your lead or prospect does. It’s what’s known as a call to action. You need to measure return on investment from your adverts – so you need your prospect to take an action with you.

While the big brands are also looking for a return, they approach the return in a different way. They want their brand in your conscious at all times. So when you think of Cola, you think Coca Cola or Pepsi. If you think beer, you think of your favourite brand – Heineken, Coors, Budweiser etc, So yes, they want a monetary return, but it’s an eventuality.

You, on the other hand, want to see a direct return from every advert or commercial you place. You want to see a direct response.

By all means, look at the creativity of the Superbowl adverts and create your own ideas. But don’t blow the budget on one or two adverts when you have no way of measuring response.

Have fun watching courtesy of the Huffington Post….and let me know your favourite advert. (Be prepared…there are 90 adverts and yes, they are addictive so you will keep watching!)

If you’re short on time, check out the 15 as rated by the Daily Beast:

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