Halloween Marketing Magic to Read your Mind

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Happy Halloween! It’s the night when all the ghouls come out to play at the witching hour. It’s the night that every noise is greeted with a shiver and every clever marketer is using the holiday to sell you something spooky.

I’m going to do something different. I’m going to work my magic and read your mind.

But I need you to focus for just one minute. Ignore FB beeps, the email pings and the chatter around you.

Ready? Good.

Picture this.

You’re in Ireland. You’re outside. It starts to rain. Really rain. High winds pick up. There’s a castle to the right, strong but foreboding. You run to take shelter. The doors open.

You’re drenched. You step inside and feel no rain. Your eyes close with relief.

But there’s a tick. Tock. Tick sound. You look to the sound. It’s a clock. A big old grandfather clock.

It’s hands start moving by themselves.

You watch helpless and they land on an hour.

Yes, it’s…….


You scream and run for your life out of the castle. You don’t feel a drop of rain as your heart is beating in your chest so much that you can hear it in your ears.

You stop. You breathe in and out. In and out.

What just happened?


Shall I tell you what happened? You got captured by the power of words.

Hands up…did you think midnight?

And that’s exactly what good copywriting can do for your business. It can create magic. It can get your reader to keep reading, to keep guessing, to keep relating and take an action.

(The action you took was to breathe in and out).

I started the note off by talking about the night and shivers. Plus it’s Halloween, we’ve all seen some horror flicks where midnight seems to be the witching hour. Using our conditioning with a few subtle words, magic happened.

And that’s what your marketing material should be creating with your prospect, lead and clients.

So on the ghoulish night of Halloween, I suggest that you re-think your marketing material and see if it’s really helping you sell your business. You’ve got a few weeks to the next holiday; it might be wise for you to make changes now.

Give me a call if you want to scare away the ghouls and bring some holiday cheer to your accountant at the end of the year.

You know what to do.

Take care,


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