Friday Five – 5 ways to get your customer to open their wallet and buy your product

This week’s Friday Five is 5 Ways to get your customer to open up their wallet. Or another way to say it, it’s five emotional triggers that your customer can relate to.

You see, your potential customer is having a conversation in their head – it could be about their problem, it could be about the solution. But it’s there and what you need to do is get inside their head while they are having their conversation with themselves. It makes for a much easier sale.

If you know what makes them tick or what annoys them (on the flip side), then you can use that to your advantage. Today, I talk about five emotions but we could have easily talked about 20!

If you use fear, delight, approval, laziness and curiosity in your material, then you will find it easier to relate to customers or indeed, your customers will relate to you. Include them in your copy and you’re onto a winner.

Take a listen and use it within your marketing material.

Which emotion does your customers relate primarily to?


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