Think Results not Process when Marketing

Think about the results that you create and not the process when marketing your business, product or service by Denise FayI’ll let you into a secret.

I have a treadmill at home. It’s really for those days that its just too wet to run outside. And in order to relieve the boredom of running on a treadmill, I’ve a TV set up.

So there I was running on Monday night on the treadmill when an advert comes on by a company that I had never heard of –

It grabbed my attention because of the message. It was brilliant.

At the very end, the voiceover said four words:

  • Stop Searching.
  • Start Finding.

This is a fabulous value proposition, unique selling proposition or tagline…whatever you want to call it. It is a clear marketing message.

I went online to see what exactly we do online. This chart from Statista relates to How Americans Spend their Time Online but I’d guess that us Europeans will be similar.


Social networks like Facebook and email take up the biggest chunk of our time. After that, it’s watching video, doing searches, and online gaming.

23% of us search online. But what’s the purpose of searching?

Finding the answer to what we’re searching.

So my questions to you are these:

  • What is the outcome from the product or service that you provide?
  • What is the end result that people will pay you for?

Using an example – I help clients get customers and build better relationships (outcome) using good communication and the written word (process)

Instead of focusing on the process (searching), focus on the outcome (finding).

Print out this blog and put it on your desk. It’s a great reminder to think about outcomes first, process second.

What is the result or outcome that you get for your clients? Tell me about them – because writing it down makes it clearer for you.

Here’s that video that caught my attention:

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