Does your sales letter end with a whimper or go out with a bang?

PS Statements are second most important thing on sales letterDoes your sales letter end with a purpose, an action or simply say ‘see ya!’.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your sales letter but are convinced that your heading grabs your readers attention, then you should look at how you end your letters.

Just as night follows day, day follows night – so make sure your ending is as good as your beginning.

Why you should include a P.S. Statement in your sales letters

The PS or post-script is often said to be the second most important part of the sales letter after the headline. With this in mind, I did a small sample survey of my friends and colleagues about the P.S. statement.

Over 90% of respondents said that they glance at it while some (15%) really take the time to read it. While this little survey is by no means quantifiable or statistical, it does show that the average reader reads the P.S. statement.

Given that people are generally time poor and reading has become glancing, here are four things to think about when writing an effective P.S. statement to suit your business.

1. Emphasize Action

All SMEs should write direct response sales letters. The call to action is so important. With your P.S. statement, you can emphasize that the reader must act now to avail of time limited bonus or special offer. It’s all about picking up the phone now and placing the order or finding out more about you.

2. Restate Benefits

Write a one liner summarising your product’s main benefit and why the reader really needs it. People buy for two reasons – they want a problem solved or the product/service produces a certain feeling or emotional response. Remind them why your product/service is the best product or service on the market.

3. Explain your Guarantee

If you talk about a guarantee on your sales letter, you can restate it here. Explain why you are giving the guarantee (relationship building etc) and tell them that you are absorbing the risk. Tell your readers that buying your product is a no-brainer – it’s a win-win for all.

4. Redefine your Unique Selling Point

Take the time to write a line about what makes you different. Why should someone buy from you over someone else. If it’s credibility that a reader is looking for, state it. If it is success stories, give details of some. Whatever makes you different to your competitor, restate it here.

So in summary,

Writing good sales letters takes time and at Achieve Marketing, we know all about it. We take time when we have a copy-writing job to do. If we take the time, then you should also.

Think about using the P.S. statement as giving that final push for sales but remember, too many P.S. or P.P.S statements make you look desperate for the sale. Don’t waste the last opportunity to make or break the sale. Make the sale by thinking carefully about your P.S. Statement.

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