Existing customers versus New Customers

Existing clients v new clients - say hello again if you're a professional services company by denise fayI’m just off the phone with a client and I wanted to write to you quickly about something that we discussed. It’s something that I’ve been thinking about recently myself. As you may know, I’m working with clients on  ‘Finish Strong’ a programme for finishing 2016 in the best possible way.

My client, who is an accountant, made time for me in this terribly busy time of tax returns. She knows that she needs to keep her eye on the ball to continue growing. Even though she is flat out at the moment.

Like so many professional service companies and sole traders that I work with, it’s often feast or famine. You market, you get work. You do the work, but don’t make time to market. Then it’s time to repeat the circle again.

How she Currently Markets Her Accounting Practice

She signed up for the Finish Strong programme and we got talking about how she markets her business. Much of the conversation talked about the following methods:

  • Networking
  • Website
  • (a bit) of advertising
  • Local chamber

Professional services firms tend to keep marketing low key (not all, but most) which means there is huge opportunity for the future.

But one thing that wasn’t on the list is existing clients.

And this is completely normal. A lot of professional services firms – accountants, consultants, solicitors, coaches, payroll providers, insurance brokers etc – do what I term ‘project work’. So you work with businesses for a while and the project finishes.

You do a good job, you may remember to get a testimonial. And you both move onto different things. And then time goes by. You feel the time has gone by too long to pick up the phone and say hello.

But they know you. They’ll pick up the phone to return your call and if they don’t, well, it’s not a mean intention.

I’m going to be talking more about marketing to existing customers over the next few weeks. But I wanted to write something really quickly to make you think on this Monday morning…

Professional Service Companies: Are existing customers on your marketing plan?

If not, lets add them to the marketing plan and work together to make it happen. You’ve already paid the acquisition cost to get them and you’ve built the relationship. It’s win-win for you and them.

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