A Simple Strategy for Professional Services

A Simple Strategy for Professional Services by Denise Fay

I read a lot about what works in marketing. I’m a bit of nerd for the reading and studying but it’s all for my client’s benefit. And today, instead of talking about resolutions or goal setting that we didn’t do, I wanted to start the year off with a simple marketing strategy that most business owners forget.

When I work with clients, I always ask what worked and what didn’t in the past. I ask this because it is key to understanding the business owner and the business itself.

Do you want to know what my simple marketing strategy for professional service firms is?

Go back to what worked in the past.


Sometimes we tend over-complicate things. But for businesses providing professional services, there was a key strategy that worked at the beginning of your business.

  • What brought in customers?
  • What brought in prospects?
  • What brought in the sales?

Often as we get busier and we take on staff, we think we need to forget what originally worked and do something different. And yes, you do need to do more of new things. (In fact, I work with clients introducing a new strategy a month.)

If you want more growth, more customers and more sales in your business, then use this time to think back on what worked.

I was working with an accountant recently and he said it was networking that worked for him. He got tired of networking as it was so time-consuming. When those clients began to come through the door, he pulled back.

I recently suggested he or some of his key team members chose some key networks and rejoin them. Over a period of time, he had become more focused or niche in his services so he only had to network with a few to get the same results.

Likewise, I spoke with a business coach and for her, it was corporate training. Over the years, she got bored of corporate training because she was so good at it. She under-estimated her own value in the training she provided. So she moved onto the shiny object syndrome of Facebook ads which worked somewhat but frustrated her to no end.

So as we move into February, I’d like you to think about

  • How did you get clients when you began your business
  • Are you doing it now?
  • How successful are you at it?

As an older and wiser business, go back to what worked at the beginning. Delegate to a key member of staff but implement what it was.

In addition to all your other marketing, you will see an increase in your sales funnel.

To your continued success,


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