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It’s Friday, so it’s Friday Five with me, Denise Fay. Friday Five is just that – five quick tips on marketing, copy-writing and communicating to help grow your professional services business.

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Today, I wanted to talk to you about something important. Like last week, it’s five words I’m talking to you about. But these are all in a sentence.

And the five words you ask? What’s in it for me? What’s in it for me?

That should be the basis for every marketing piece you write or do – whether it’s on social media, advertising, PR, one to one interactions.

You need to ask yourself the question – what’s in it for me? From your client or customer perspective. Not what’s in it for you.

You see, I see marketing copy, content and words everywhere and quite often it’s written or spoken in a way that doesn’t attract or engage. Because generally it’s written in the way that people want to project their organisation.

So they say We provide legal advice. Or we offer management accounting, payroll and book-keeping services.

Now, that’s great that you do that. But so too does a million other professional services or b2b providers.

Think about what your customer wants when they go to you? What do they want to achieve?

You see, people’s favourite topic is themselves. They want to know ultimately how you can help them. That’s what I mean when I say to you that you need to introduce the Whats it in for me Factor.

Avoid jargon. Avoid industry speak and most definitely use three word acryoynms.

While this is a friday five, it is a tough one. Thinking about what sets you apart and what can truly engage with your customer is hard. But being able to help them answer that question is priceless.

And look if you need help, book a call with me.

People are busy. Your clients and customers are busy. Attention spans have reduced. Think about how you can stop them in their tracks because you have adressed their needs. That’s why from here on in, you’ll think about whats it for me?

Until next time, have a great friday and a great week.

Take care.

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