Discover the Hidden Message in Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams

Discover the Hidden Marketing Message in Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams by Denise Fay

It was too wet and too windy to go running outside so I decided to hit the treadmill. I was playing around with the channels and found Field of Dreams on Film 4.

Well, it was brilliant. I hadn’t seen it in years. It was made in 1988 – obviously, I was just a baby then!!

For years, I’d reference Field of Dreams when I was doing online marketing training. I’d say ‘if you build they will come‘ was a myth. It only happened in the film.

What a good movie. Have you seen in it a while? You should.

However, there were a few other messages that ‘The Voice’ told Kevin Costner. I had forgotten them:

    • Go the Distance
    • Ease his pain

Now, I had totally forgotten those sentiments in the movie. Whenever you think of Field of Dreams we all just think ‘If you Build it, they will Come’.

And I got to thinking, we sometimes focus on one thing because it makes sense but put two other things into the equation and it can be so much more powerful.

If you build it, they will come + Go the Distance + Ease his Pain

As a business owner, I’m going to ask you, have you done something, built something, started something earlier in the year only for life to get busy and you never come back to it?

Go The Distance

Well now is your chance to go the distance. Finish the year Strong by going the distance for the rest of the year. If you feel a twinge of guilt as you do your end of year review, then I can help you ease your pain.

Finish Strong – is a 4 week training programme, starting on the 2nd November, which will get you up and going for the remainder of the year. It’s that final push that will see you truly get focused and inspired. So when you close up for Christmas, you’ll feel energised for the following year. You’ll hit the ground running and leave your competitors panting behind.

Ease your Pain

When it comes to closing up for Christmas, I want you to be happy. Not guilty that you didn’t get around to everything. Not beating yourself up for not doing all you wanted to achieve for the year.

Make your last quarter be your BEST Quarter. Head over to Finish Strong 2017 and discover the super affordable training programme that I’ve created. You will hit the ground running in 2018 and leave your competitors panting behind.

You will have done all you can to make 2017 a great year.

Spoiler Alert – Don’t read any further if you want to re-watch the movie. Just head over to Finish Strong 2017.

And as for Kevin’s character in Field of Dreams, the pain was always his. He fell out with his Dad and always wanted one more time to play ball with him. He got that at the end of the movie.

You’ll always regret the things you didn’t do, not the things you do.

Finish Strong.

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