31 Tips to Write Better Copy for 31 Days

Today is the 1st of August and I’ve just realised it’s a 31 day month. 

I was doing a bit of research for a book that I’m writing and I went back to my book ‘31 days to write better copy’. 

I wrote this book back in 2011 and there is still so much amazing content in it. And I say that with no ego, I simply say it that while marketing methods have changed…good communication and good content writing haven’t really. 

Much of the tips that are included in here will work with multiple platforms, including the Gram – Instagram  – which was not around in 2011. 

So I’m going to give a tip a day based on each day of the book. 

Look, everyone can write. I just want you to be a stronger writer….a communicator that will convert. So people will respond to all the writing and content that you do. 

Because you are doing a lot more of it now than then…

So check out the 31 days tips on my instagram, facebook, twitter and linkedin…so no matter your Social media channel of choice…I’ll be there making you a stronger communicator. 

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Denise FayI'm Denise Fay, an international marketing communications advisor. For over 16 years, I've been helping corporations and business owners to promote themselves by communicating the right message with the right audience. They achieve clarity, leads and sales. I'm also an award-winning author, engaging speaker, entrepreneur, business owner and mum of two, I have written copy that has won awards, won clients and most importantly, built relationships. Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to how we relate to others. And writing great copy that engages with your reader is well worth its weight in gold. You too can find wealth in your relationships. I can guide and help you find your words, create an engaging message and build a relationship that results in repeat sales with your customers & leads. Contact me today to get started. Come find me on Google+View all posts by Denise Fay →

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