What kills a marketing campaign_denise fay_marketing mentorDo you know what kills a good marketing campaign?
If you’ve been putting off doing something or unsure where to start, just start – whether that is calling me and asking me for help or opening up your inbox and composing an email, please start.
Action is the key to momentum.
I’m just back from skiing and I was watching my son learn to ski. Whether you’ve ever skiied or not, in order to get down the slope, you need to make turns. If you’re a fast skiier, not so many; if you’re a beginner, you’ll make lots.
However, in order to turn, you need to be in motion….even a little bit. It’s so hard to turn when you’re stopped. You can be gripped with fear as you need to face those skiis downhill.
But even a little movement can help.
And soon you’ll be turning by way of motion and you’ll achieve your goal of getting down the moutain!
Same thing with marketing.
Making the smallest move will help with momentum. Lots of moves and even more momentum. Working with a plan in mind, even more momentum.
Today – make some moves. If you don’t have a plan, just by moving, ideas will germinate and things will become clear. You’ll hit bumps, you may fall but you’re always moving.

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