Marketing Trends for 2020 podcast

Marketing Trends for 2020 – where could I have started? 

I could be here all day listing out the marketing trends to stay ahead after the research that my team and I undertook. But nobody likes overwhelm and that’s certainly what I didn’t want from this podcast. So we came up with our top 7.

AND we’ve made a commitment to reviewing these every quarter and seeing if there are anything else that we can share with you….We’ve got your back!

So here are 7 trends you should incorporate into your marketing for this coming 2020. 

I encourage you to listen to the podcast here –➡️Marketing Trends for 2020 ⬅️

It’s 28 mins long so hardly any time, and I talk about why we have them as our top 7 and I talk more about them to you. You don’t have to do all 7 but at least if you’re aware of them, then you can add them slowly into your marketing plan.

Let me know which ones you’ll implement asap.

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