Start Stronger -get clients and market on your terms by denise fay



Introducing a New System to Start Stronger so
You can Get Clients & Keep them Buying from You Over and Over Again.

It’s the first quarter of 2018.

  • Just imagine going into a networking event and knowing exactly what to say
  • Just imagine having a website that keeps readers on your site
  • Just imagine getting a phone call where they ask to meet rather than ‘how much do you charge?’

Well now you don’t have to imagine anymore.

Or is this you?

  • Feeling frustrated that you’re not getting your ideal clients?
  • Set resolutions but have no idea how to ACHIEVE them?
  • Created a to do list with goals but they’re slowly slipping away?

I’ve got your back.

Introducing Start Stronger – an eight week online training and implementation programme which will bring you through the process of marketing. A process that works for your business. Marketing can be easy – when you know what you’re doing.

We’ll take an inside out approach by working on your core – your message, your ideal clients and match it to create momentum.

All with accountability and lots of implementation.

Ready to Get Started?

Starting 6th February, over the 8 weeks, here’s just a sampling of what we’ll be covering in this programme:

The Core of Marketing:

  • Match your message to your market- remember a CONFUSED MIND NEVER BUYS
  • How to STAND OUT in a saturated market
  • Identify who your ideal client is – there’s RICHES IN NICHES
  • Examine your marketing metrics and create a plan based on them
  • Write a website that actually wows – and GETS ENQUIRIES
  • Which WORDS get people EXCITED about buying from you (and which ones to avoid.)

And what about all of this:

  • Discover ways to make marketing EASY and REGULAR
  • A plan to keep in touch with clients, suppliers and advocates (everyone has them)
  • Discover ways to Attract, Convert and Engage your target market (what I call the ACE Model of Marketing)
  • Where to focus your content marketing energies
  • How your pricing reflects your positioning
  • and much, much more.

I’ll show you HOW to market your business. A lot of people tell you to market, to advertise, to promote yourself, to ‘get yourself out there’, but a lot of my clients tell me they didn’t know where to start. And they didn’t know HOW to start.

Well here’s where you start. Marketing can be easy once you know what you’re doing.

And Who Am I to Tell You?

Finish Strong, a 4 week online training programme by Denise FayI’m Denise Fay, author, TEDx speaker, owner of award-winning Achieve Marketing which celebrated 11 years in business last year.

We work with business owners who want to communicate better to get more sales, more prospects and create long lasting relationships.

My main message is that a confused mind never buys. So you need to know exactly what it is you’re selling, who you’re selling it to and what do they get when they use you.

Once you’re clear, they’re clear and you can start getting Clients for Life.





Here’s how it will work

Every week we will meet and go through the training. There will be lots of time to ask questions and answers.

Then a couple of days later, once you’ve had a time to go through the training, we will roll up our sleeves and begin implementing the training. We’ll address any challenges that come up and we’ll kick them to the curb!

Remember accountability is key. I will be there for you…every step of the way.

WHAT YOU GET with Start Stronger

Start Stronger Training : (Value €1,997)

Module 1: Quick Wins to Get Momentum

Module 2: Focus on your Message

Module 3: Just who is your target market?

Module 4: Lets pick a few marketing methods that suit you

Module 5: Pricing is perception

Module 6: Copy writing is THE success behind marketing

Module 7: Referrals and lets keep those clients

Module 8: Advanced marketing and planning to succeed


(8) x 90-minute Live Group Laser Coaching Calls with Me Personally (€2,000 Value)

(8) x 60-minute Open Office Implementation Calls with me (€1,500 Value)

Unlimited email access and voxer support.

All that adds up to a massive 20 hours of live group coaching support


And By Investing Today You’ll Also Receive These Bonuses:

Bonus #1: “Double your investment” – 50 minute personal consultation with me (€250)

Bonus #2: “Clients for Life” Blueprint – Mini Session (€500 value)

Bonus #3: Write to Wow – copywriting training that will change how you write forever (€197 Value)

Bonus #4: “The Story of You” Personality Programme ( €197 Value)

Total Value: €6,641 

You Pay – €999

Get Started Now

Here’s some client love…

Denise is a PR Powerhouse.” Angela Garvey, AG Associates.

When you have a short conversation with someone to brief them on a product/ event/ industry and they return a written piece of work that so accurately captures your desired message, and in such a refreshing way, you know you’ve found someone very valuable. Denise’s superb written word really excites and brought life to a recent project I was involved in. She is so easy and enjoyable to work with. I would highly, highly recommend Denise to anyone planning any written communication – amazing!” Robert Murray, First Citizen

Let me Finish With This…

By the end of this programme, you will know how to market your business to get results. And I think most importantly, you’ll also understand the power of marketing and how it isn’t as daunting as you may think.

I guarantee that at the end of this programme, if 15 minutes opens up on your calendar, you will know what quick little marketing win to do – which will get you a result.

Doesn’t that sound good?

Take a minute to stop and work out how much a client is worth to you today. What’s three clients worth to you? What about In five year’s time? How much is that worth to you?

This small investment will bring huge returns. That is exactly what I want for your business.

Sign up now.

Your success is all within your power.

You have a choice:

1. Keep the status quo

2. Start Stronger in 2018

Make the right choice.

If you have any questions, why not book in a call with me?