The Achievement Principles

Your guide to smart marketing

Always anxious to feed my need for information so I can share with my clients, I subscribe to a lot of ezines. At the start of the year, I re-examined the emails that were coming into my inbox. I kept a few and unsubscribed to lots more. I believe that emails that come into my inbox should be of value – information that I can use personally in my business or with my clients.

And that’s the ethos behind The Achievement Principles. Marketing is at the heart of all entrepreneurial success and wealth. You talk to any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you that mindset and marketing are the two M’s that you need to succeed.

Yes, the Achievement Principles will be another email in your inbox. But it’s an email with a difference. It will empower you to market your business, communicate more with your customers in a language that they speak and ultimately drive the success of your business.

So why am I doing this?

Simply put, I’m all about helping business owners and executives get more from their marketing & copy-writing. I see so many experts giving advice and often times you don’t know where to turn or what to choose. Well the Achievement Principles will be focused on practicality. They’ll involve implementation but we both know that taking action is the first key to success!

And your first action is to sign up to the new look Achievement Principles.

Ready to achieve?

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It’s a double opt-in so you’ll have to accept twice. Email is getting so strict and to be honest, initially, I thought it was a pain but in fact, it means that your email address is precious. And remember that I will never share, rent or pass along your email address.

Achievement Principles – so far

Achievement Principle No. 1 – What’s your value?

Achievement Principle No. 2 – How much time do you waste?

Achievement Principle No. 3 -Are you anticipating and satisfying your customer needs?

Achievement Principle No. 4 –

Achievement Principle No. 5 – Keep it simple when emailing

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