Introducing The Achievers Club Podcast

Did you see that I’ve changed my much loved Lets Talk Marketing Podcast?

Yep! You know I loved the title but you know when you feel something needs changing? Well I couldn’t help but have a nagging feeling that it needed to be changed. Achieve Marketing is the name of my company and I set up The Achievers Club last year. It’s a membership community for growth oriented business owners and entrepreneurs.

Introducing The Achievers Club Podcast

The Achievers Club is all about moving forward – it doesn’t matter if it’s one step or twenty, one mile an hour or 100 miles an hour. But it’s about keeping going. It takes way more energy to stop and start, then it does to keep going.

So you may not be ready to join the Achievers Membership Community, but you can still get learnings…because every business owner is an Achiever…regardless of whether you think or not, whether you believe it or not.

You are An Achiever

You keep going. If you fail, you get up again. If something doesn’t work, you try something new. You keep going – one foot in front of the other.

Business is like a Marathon

I’m here for the long haul, I’ve been running Achieve Marketing since 2006, through the good times and the bad times. I know what it’s like to want to give up at times, but you know that you can serve more people.

I’ve seen many marketing strategies and marketing gurus come and go…but I’m a marathon runner, I know the strategies I teach are strategies that work for the long run. Yes I teach sprint strategies…everyone needs them too.

So subscribe to the podcast if you are Achiever...which I know you are…you’ll get strategies, chats, topics to challenge you and above all a chat from me to you.

Get all the details over on the The Achievers Club podcast page.

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