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This is how I’m feeling right now….

Yep! My kids have gone back to school. Am I excited? Hell to the Yeah! 🤪It will be nice to have a bit of a routine again….after all, discipline is freedom, right?

With kids at home during the holidays, I tend to look after my clients and the members of The Achievers Club. While I know I should do more marketing for my business, I tend to do more for my clients.

One thing that I continued throughout the summer was The FAY WAY to Marketing podcast series. I’m not sure if you’re a podcast listener or not, but I keep my podcasts to in and around 30 minutes…enough for a long walk, a drive or a workout.

Sidebar – if you prefer video – podcasts are coming on video too.

The latest episode is the fifth stage in the FAY WAY – Client Attraction.

Your Client Attraction Journey Starts Here…


It’s typically the first thing I’m asked about – How do I get more clients?

And if you’re thinking like that, then this episode is ideal for you.

Here are some Highlights:

    • The Media Triad
      There are three types of media that work hand in hand in hand. When combined, they are incredibly powerful. Discover more about owned, paid and earned media.
    •  Your Client Attraction Toolkit: Nine Game-Changing Methods
      I’ve got a treasure trove of strategies waiting for you. I’ve broken down the three types of media and given you three methods in each…imagine the power of putting 9 marketing methods to work for your business.

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again – there is no one size fits all in marketing, every business is different, because of their YOU Factor. So take a listen to this, and map out your own plan.

  • Which of the 9 methods will you start with?
  • Which media type will you focus more on?
  • Will you do the practical steps as outlined in the podcast?

If you’re in a rush, you can always subscribe to The Achievers Club podcast on your platform of choice, I’m on the major ones and listen later.

So if you’re a little like me, delighted to have the children go back to school so that you can re-focus on your business for the next four months, then listen to the podcast, and why not join my newsletter so you’ll get the latest practical, no nonsense marketing tips.

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