Plan not Panic or Procrastinate

Happy 2023.

I started this year, much as I hope to continue it – eating chocolate, drinking wine, spending time with family and friends, while planning a trip.

Christmas for me goes right up to the 6th Jan….right up to Nollag na mBan or Little Christmas. Christmas in our home is always busy and I love that. So I like the time from New Year to the 6th January to take in the peaceful moments of Christmas together with the brightness of the new year. There should be a term to describe those few days!

While I was enjoying this relaxed time, I got to thinking about the new year and the new start.

I jumped on social media, as I usually give myself a social detox over Christmas and man, there were so many ads.

Have you noticed that?

I tried counting the amount of ads that have popped up on my social media feeds. I was going to do an experiment but I lost count…probably too busy eating chocolates!

Look, full disclosure, I had planned on kick starting the year but through one thing or another, that didn’t happen. So instead of panic promoting, I decided to start later this year. I’m not procrastinating (even though I am the world’s biggest procrastinator).

I’m actually surprising myself because right now I’m very much in planning mode. Not panicing, not procrastinating.

I’m taking a different approach.

Yes, I’m looking at metrics and yes I’m creating intentions and goals.

I’m planning from a different source…..

This year, I’m starting with owning my difference. Something that Patrick Mercie, a holistic business coach and member of The Achievers Club Membership pointed out at the start of 2022.

Last year, I recommended to the membership to own their difference – because everything comes from that. All your marketing comes from it. Your message, your words, the clients you attract, the communities you build, the way you promote yourself.

I’m finally taking my own advice!

I’ve finally put words to the system I use – the FAY WAY – (I’ll share more about it shortly) but I’m taking my own advice and owning my difference.

So often, professionals – coaches, consultants, mentors, accountants, solicitors, become the cobbler’s children – serving others but not ourselves.

Have you noticed that for yourself?

So right now, I’m in planning mode to share the FAY WAY, to help others find their difference, own their difference and of course market and maximise their difference.

So you may ask what makes me different?

Well it really is Me!

I’ve been in marketing since 1997 – I’ve worked in marketing principles, strategic marketing, product marketing, marketing communications – both internal and external. I’ve been part of team that merged a small marketing team with a large multinational one and for every role, I’ve loved every minute of it.

I’ve done a Masters of Business Studies (MBS) in International Marketing and continue to learn new trends and developments.

I’ve spoken on marketing, trained and taught marketing and written about marketing in various media over the years.

I survived the recession of 2008-2012 by reinventing myself and focusing on my strengths as a written communicator.

Nobody else has my background in marketing.

(Same as you, no other supplier has your background – you need to maximise it).

And what makes me different to other marketing mentors or consultants for your business?

Well, in addition to the above, I don’t stick to the typical formulas of USP, SWOT, Competitor Analysis, etc. While I use the idea of them, often times, it’s too formulaic and business owners make stuff up to fill in the blanks.

Have you ever done that?

Scramble to fill in the blanks of a formula with information, just because you’re on a training programme and the trainer is extolling the virtues of a particular formula or tool?

That’s not real and you’re not going to use it ever again.

To me, that’s a waste.

I’d prefer to work with your strengths, your values, what’s important to you – your YOU Factor.

You see, I use emotion in copy.

So why not use emotion in determining your marketing?….what you want to say, who exactly you want to work with and how to say it.

Just because everyone is pointing to the left and right on reels in Instagram, doesn’t mean to say that you have to. If you feel like an eejit doing it, why do it?

Your marketing needs to suit you – you do marketing your way.

Marketing is way easier when you market your way.

  • You attract the right people.
  • You say the right words.
  • You do the right things.
  • You build communities of raving fans.

I work with people who want to make both impact and income. The world is full of opportunity.

And while it’s mid January and perhaps leaning more so to February than December, there is still plenty of time to plan.

  • Plan great content.
  • Plan great launches
  • Plan great messages and stories.
  • Plan great chats
  • Plan great communities

If you feel like everyone is getting a headstart on you, stop. They aren’t. 2023 is a marathon not a sprit. And you know I know a thing or two about marathons.

This isn’t a time to procrastinate either. It’s a time to plan. If you want to make impact and income, then hope marketing, panic marketing, waiting around marketing won’t cut it.

If you’re ready for a super 2023, then give me a hell yeah and lets plan – no panic, no procrastination.

And now, let me ask you – what’s your difference? How are you making marketing easier on yourself?

Because it should be easy.

If any of this resonates with you, then get in touch below. Lets get a call going. Plan for 2023 – not in panic mode, not in procrastination mode…but by owning and maximising your difference.

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