7 Super Simple Steps to Writing Successfully

7 Super Simple Steps to Writing Successfully to Get More Sales, More Leads and Ultimately More Freedom in your Business

Writing is a skill that is rarely taught in ‘Start your own business courses’ or college business courses. Yet it’s a skill that every business owner must possesses and use on a daily basis. Every day, emails come in and out of our inbox.  Every day, we read websites, blogs, news papers, articles and adverts.  Every day, we listen to the radio and every 15 minutes, there is a radio ad or a competition that we’re exposed to. Even when we sit down to relax for an hour or so to watch the TV, we are shown more marketing messages. While many are performed, they’re still scripted. They still involve words.

Working as an entrepreneur for the past 7 years and an employee of Corporate Life for 10 before that, I’ve used my writing and marketing skills extensively. And do you know where the success came from? The projects that involved careful thought when writing…writing to sell, writing to relate, writing to engage. Not every marketing piece is about sales – it’s objective could simply be to start a relationship.

So to help businesses start relationships with their prospects, I’ve created a Simple Seven Step Process that I use all the time when writing for success. It’s yours as a complimentary gift from me to you.

Here’s what you’ll discover….

  • The importance of the pen.
  • The one step that makes marketing easier.
  • The diamond step to helping you be a better writer.
  • How to get inside the head of your client or customer.

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And why should you believe me?

The real reason people trust me is that I say it as it is. While I do have the academic background (MBS in International Marketing from Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin), I believe in being jargon-free and using words that people can understand.

My marketing background over the past 16 years in Fortune 500, multi-national and small business sectors have given me a unique insight into many businesses. And the one thing that stands out in all my years and all my projects is that people buy from people. If you can build and nurture and sustain a business relationship, you’re going to make a sale and several sales over the following years.

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“Denise has a unique style with an envious ability to get in under the bonnet of any industry and come up with great ideas & wording that you have not thought of to inspire your customers. We worked with Denise on our sales letters and were very happy with the results” Fiona Murphy, Aoninsure.

P.S. This seven step process is a proven writing system. Let your company be the next successful example.

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