A to Z of Copywriting

Take a look through this listing to find out more about copywriting…and find out how getting good at copywriting will make a huge difference to your business and your bottom line.

It starts 3rd August and for the next 26 days, we’ll go through the A to Z. Get ready – because after the 31 days of August, you’ll have a great grounding in copywriting.

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A to Z of Copywriting

A is for Action

My husband told me last week that ‘perfection is the enemy of good.’ And much as I don’t want to admit that he is right (ladies, you know what I’m saying!!), I have to agree.

There is no point having a positive attitude when you don’t take positive action. You need to support your positive attitude with ACTION.

So today, why not just drop what you’re doing right now and do a high value writing task. If that’s sending an ezine to your customers, writing a mail to your top clients, designing a content marketing plan for August or writing a blog post – just do it. It won’t take you as long as you think.

Take action today. No delay. Today. Just write a small blog post or start a new page on your website (like this one). Don’t put it off. In order to be good at copywriting, you need to take action and just simply start.


B is for Buzzwords

The term ‘buzzwords’ incorporates many concepts & words. Yes, it most certainly incorporates the buzzwords that we all yawn at and those that we play the Buzzword Bingo game in meetings. (Perfect example on page 72 of the ‘31 days to write bettercopy’ book).

But buzzwords can also be colloquial words. They are words shared within a certain segment or certain geographical area.

The thing to remember about Buzzwords is that they help with your writing objective – which is to relate to your audience.

What you need to do is use the buzzwords that work and avoid the ones that don’t.

The use of colloquial words helps to keep your marketing piece friendly – if you use colloquial words in conversation, then you should use them in your copy. If use jargon in used in conversation, then use it in your copy. With copywriting, you can bend the rules a little with your grammar.

And just as it is important to use the right buzzwords, it’s important that you avoiding the over-used buzzwords. These will simply turn off your reader and your letter will be deleted or thrashed. Avoiding words such as ‘going forward‘, ‘leading‘, ‘pro-active‘, ‘seamless‘ or ‘turnkey‘ will help your copy objectives.

So use the right buzzwords in your copy. After all, they are supposed to cause a buzz about your service, product or company.


C is for Call to Actions

Call to actions are needed on every piece of marketing literature. What ‘call to actions’ do is help the reader take an action after they’ve read your lovely website, blog post, article, flyer or radio advert.

It’s often said that the biggest difference between successful business owners and those that aren’t is that they ASK for whatever it is they want. That could be advice or a contract. But they ask for it.

Many business owners and executives are shy to ask for what they want – but what is the worst thing that people can say? No.

As business professionals, no is just a ‘not yet‘ or ‘maybe later‘ or ‘we’ll see‘. (I say that all the time to my son!).

So in your call to actions, make sure you ask or tell people to take an action. Remember the key to writing your call to action is to portray the value that they’ll get as a result of them taking an action.

So instead of saying ‘click here‘, say ‘get report immediately‘ or instead of ‘call us today’, say ‘Discover more when you call us

Don’t let a wonderfully worded marketing piece go to waste. Ask your reader to do something.

And who am I to tell you about copywriting?

I’m Denise Fay and you can read the official bio on the About Denise page. But last year, I completely changed the way I related using the written word and once I made that change, the rest followed. I now relate to people – customers and prospects – the same way online and offline. Because that’s who I am. I’m true to myself and people really get that…and appreciate it.

As a copywriter and marketing professional, you would think it was easy to make that change, wouldn’t you? But it wasn’t obvious. Want to know why? Because writing about yourself can be the hardest thing in the world. Most people can generally talk for days on their business and why their product is so much better than everyone elses but ask someone to take a pen and write it down and oh boy!

So I decided to help others. If I can help just one other person to write about themselves with ease and truly relate using the written word, just as they do when they’re speaking, then I’ll be happy.

You see, the written word is everywhere – blogs, websites, newsletters, articles in magazines, adverts, radio scripts, video scripts…so to be really successful at business, you need to be good at marketing. And copywriting is the secret behind successful marketing.

I’ve made it easy to write copy using a 31-day process – 31 days to write better copy. You can dip in and dip out or you can follow it day by day. Either way, you’re going to make changes to your copy straightaway. I can guarantee that.

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