Crack the Code to a Successful Website

Make your Website Work by Getting More Clients and More Calls

It might not keep you awake at night but it is a huge daytime concern. The fact that your 24 hour salesman, in the form of your website, is not doing it’s job.

You check the phone number on the site – it rings to your office. You enter in your email address and see if arrives. It does. So if the ‘contact us’ details are all working, then why aren’t the calls coming through? Why aren’t the leads and enquires coming through?

Then you decide that it must be lack of traffic coming to the site and you spend money on advertising. You look at the site analytics and you see that it’s bringing traffic to your site but it’s simply not converting. There are NO EXTRA calls.

This frustration can make you go around in circles. You start to think this site cost me an arm and leg – not just in money terms but in effort, deciding colours, logo, what goes where not to mention the advertising and other promotional material.

And you’re still not getting extra calls or leads. Let me tell you that it can all change. I unlocked the secret to a successful website a while back and today I want to share it with you.

Do you want to know what the secret is?

It’s having good text on your site.

Yes really! It’s text that relates to a reader. It’s text that makes your company sound better than your competitor. It’s text that makes it clear to a reader that you can solve their problem – that your product is the product they need.

Pictures do sell but stories tell and as humans, we love to connect with words.

And the chances are that your text (what us marketers call copy) is not compelling or clear enough.

The good news is help is at hand so fear not.

Often a few small tweaks will make a huge difference:

  • A simple change in your headline could boost your conversions by 300%.
  • Shortening (or lengthening) sentences can create an emotional connection which creates an immediate response
  • Rephrasing your call to action (what you want your reader to do when they get to your site) can increase up take by 103%

If you’re not 100% sure that your site is working for you, it’s time for a Crack the Code Review of your website.

Here’s where I help you

I’m an award-winning author of the book ’31 days to write better copy’ and a marketing communications advisor. I have written copy that sells, creates relationships and has built rapport and creates influence.

Statistics say that you have 7 seconds or less to make an impression on a site. So starting with the headline and working down the page, your copy must reel in your prospect and hook them at the end so that they take action before they leave your site.

I’ll carefully review every word written on key selected pages and see how they connect to the next one. I’ll make suggestions on how you can really hook your reader from the get-go.

Look, everyone is so close to their own business that often you need a fresh set of eyes to see things differently.

And you know what, I can bet that your competitors aren’t taking the time out to engage a second set of eyes. In an economy where every sale and repeat sale counts, this could be your competitive edge.

Stop wasting time and money on advertising, driving traffic to a site that isn’t converting and ultimately lowering profits.

Start imagining that you have copy on your site that is converting traffic and it’s making (not costing) you money. Imagine what having more calls and more sales would do for your business.

It is achievable with a having a well-written site…one that converses with the reader not makes them hit the bounce key.

But you need to connect now. Fill in the form below to get more details and book your review now.

Sure, you can wait another week. But that’s another week of dead money and a poor performing site. Get your Crack the Code Review Today and start unlocking the code to the successful website you deserve.

We needed inspiration and a fresh outlook on how to verbalise our business as it is such a niche industry. After a couple of discussions with Denise, she began to send us material describing and defining our business. Suddenly, our business became a whole new entity, even to those of us who have worked here for more than twenty years.Her descriptive language and copywriting skills brought our clients closer to us within a month or so of us launching the website stating that they now understood the skill that is stenography or court reporting. – Aoife Ni Fhearhgail, MD, Doyle Court Reporters

Making your website create results can be achieved fast, as long as you stick to some simple but very powerful fundamentals. And you can start right now with ‘A Crack the Code Review

Here’s what you’ll receive when you get a ‘Crack the Code Review’:

      1. Personalised ONE-ON-ONE ATTENTION from me.
      2. An initial exploratory session to find out exactly WHO you want to STOP at your website.
      3. An IN-DEPTH REVIEW of your current website copy (up to 7 pages).
      4. Special attention and SUGGESTED CHANGES to your headline, introductory paragraph and call to action on KEY PAGES
      5. DETAILED ACTION ITEMS to implement or share with your designer to get results fast
      6. Special investment options for rewrites and edits of your copy

But more importantly, you’ll get to enjoy a website that works – one that creates real relationships and keeps people on your site wanting to know more.

It’s not Hollywood.‘If you build it, they will come’ is only a fantasy. They won’t come and they won’t stay unless you take action now.

90% of websites on the Internet do NOT make money. Will you be in the 10% or the 90%?

Make your decision & book your Crack the Code Critique and become a company that makes money and gets results from your website.

Get a site that talks directly to your reader and become part of the 1%. 

Within a week, you’ll have a list of changes to make and improvements to your site that you can action straightaway. Time waits for no person. And you know what, money loves speed.

I look forward to helping you make your website a working sales person for your business.


P.S. The simple truth is that it’s the copy on your site that determines your site’s success. It’s how you relate to your reader. It’s time to make your website stand out and get your prospect to STOP and read what you have to say.

P.P.S Copywriting is a skill most business owners will never take the time to really understand and learn, let alone master. Be part of the 1%.

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When you book a Crack the Code Critique, you will receive personal attention and a list of action items from me within a week. That means within seven days, you will have a list of actionable tasks that you can implement immediately to create a site that connects. Your site will become as important to me as my own site is.