Get crystal clear on your marketing message

Do you want to attract the right customers to your business?

If yes, then you must get crystal clear on your marketing message. A crystal clear marketing message makes all the difference when it comes to attracting your ideal client. If you’re not getting the clients or customers that you want or worse still, getting the wrong ones, then chances are your message isn’t on brand with your business.

With so many businesses out there competing for your customer’s time and attention, you need to create, write and communicate a message that tells your customer clearly what it is you do.

In order to get clients to choose you as their preferred provider, you need to get clear on your message so it stands out, speaks to the problem they are having and more importantly, position you as the only person who can solve it for them.

Marketing gets easier when you can articulate what you can do for your customers and you communicate it clearly and consistently. Forget ‘glazed eyes syndrome‘ – with a crystal clear message written and communicated clearly, you’ll have clients knocking on your door.  When your reader or prospect is clear on what you do, they buy. They put their hand in their pocket and buy.

Here’s where I can help.

I help business owners to craft, write and promote their marketing message to get more sales, more customers and more leads in their business.

Choose to get clear on your marketing message in two ways:

1. Half Day Private ‘VIP Communications Strategy Intensive’ with Follow up

People do business with people and if you’re not communicating correctly with your customer, prospect or lead, then you need to fix your message – and your communication. That’s what we’ll do during a VIP Communications Strategy Session.

Every VIP Intensive is individually designed. We’ll spend a half day together, just you and I, discussing and resolving your most immediate communications need – and I’ll send you off with a customised plan to make it happen.

We’ll brainstorm your message, language and methods of communication. I’ll give you specific  honest feedback, proven strategies and ideas that will catapult you and your business to the success it deserves.

2. ‘From Message to Market’ Training

In this training programme, we take an inside out approach. Rather on focusing on communication methods first like social media, press releases, flyers, websites, we look to the core of what it is you sell – the benefits of your solution.

It’s a three step process – we create, write and promote your message.

  1. We create your message about what is unique about you (Your USP).
  2. We use the right language that resonates and relates.
  3. We go to market using the marketing channels that is right for you.

In the Message to Market training programme, we get very clear on your marketing message and at every step of the six month process, you have direct support from me.

It’s time to get started.

Waiting will only cost you more time and lost clients. Choose which option suits you best.

VIP Intensive

Half Day

  • One on one intensive day
  • Injection of help to get started
  • Fresh perspective on your business
  • Creation of your communications plan

Get Started

Training Programme

6 Months

  • Great for busy business owner
  • Directly supported by me
  • Weekly advice & homework
  • Arsenal of marketing tools to make marketing easier

Get Started

Undecided which approach to take? Give me some more details in the form below and I’ll advise you which option suits you best.