Look over your Shoulder – Copy Critique

Stop Struggling with your Copy. Help is at Hand with a Copy Critique

One of the most common mistakes I see is copy written as if it’s a textbook. Or an academic thesis. It has yawn-inducing long sentences and turn-off boring words. Copy is not just about plodding out information, it’s about engaging your audience to drive sales and build relationships.

And can I tell you that there are a lot of unloved words out there on adverts, brochures, web pages, sales letters, social media posts. It hurts to see a business owner, like yourself, spending money on material that brings little or no return.

You see, everyone shares a single currency and that currency is TIME.

Let me tell you that people can be very frugal with their time when it comes to your adverts, brochures, website, flyers, sales letters and all your marketing material.

What you need is to give your reader value & an explanation – a good explanation to show that they are spending the right time on your material.

You need to be clear and crisp in your message straight-away. You’ve no time to mess about.

Copy Critiques are Perfect Second Opinions

You know all this and that’s why it’s tough to write. You’ve started to write but you’re not sure it’s right. Can I share something? Everyone struggles to write about themselves, their products or services and why a client or customer should buy from you. Even the experts, like me, struggle! (It’s true). That’s why you need an extra pair of hands or should I say, an extra set of expert eyes to get you over the finishing line. 

Here’s where I can help you.

I can edit the copy that you’ve written. I can literally look over your shoulder and give you a critique of the copy or text that you’ve written. I can also look at articles, sales letter, web page that is not performing as you had hoped.

Copy critiques, like my Look over your Shoulder, may not be glamorous but they do work. You’ll get an objective view of your written words.

Here’s what you’ll get when I do a critique of your work:

  • A fresh set of eyes reviewing every word and phrase that you write
  • An examination into the actual wording or word choice that you use
  • A reconciliation to see if your written copy really matches your audience’s expectations
  • A dissection of your strengths and weaknesses to help make you a better writer
  • Expert advice on what’s good and what can be improved

You want a return on your marketing investment of your printed or online material. It’s a lot of pressure on a handful of words aswell as the person writing them – so let me help you.

Denise, I got more than I thought I’d get. You blew me away. The most obvious difference between my copy and yours is passion. You truly helped me put the passion I have for my product onto my document. I can’t wait to see the article in print. – Anna Kiely

I’ll spend time looking at

  • Your headline and sub-heads
  • Your word choice (the actual words of your document)
  • Your call to action
  • The flow or structure of your document
  • Expert advice on what’s good and what can be improved

You’ll get a recorded report (audio) that analyses your copy in detail. You can listen to it while you review your copy so it will be like I’m sitting there with you in person going over your copy.

You’ll receive the benefit of my marketing expertise as well as copy writing advice that I’ve gained over the last 16 years. For a fraction of the cost, you’ll get direct access to my marketing expertise as well as copy writing advice. 

Get the second opinion now so you can press the ‘publish’ button with confidence. Choose which option suits you best.

One-Off Copy Critique

  • Great when launching a campaign
  • Help when unsure of wording
  • Need fresh eyes just once
  • Review under performing pages

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Monthly Package

  • Great for consistent marketing
  • Need extra eyes on a monthly basis
  • Partnership approach
  • Better value investment

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Undecided which approach to take? Drop me a few words and I’ll advise you which one would suit you better.