Words have never been so important. If you want to communicate with your customers or staff in the modern world, then there’s no way around it: you need good writing.

My training programmes have been designed with the busy team in mind.

Everyone writes in business – writing is purely a tool to communicate your message to someone else. From emails to reports; from internal memos to customer newsletters, words impact the reader of a document, but often not in the way intended. Many obstacles exist for good written communication.

I can help.

I have two ‘Power of the Pen‘ training courses that will enable your staff to write any type of document that is well structured, with unambiguous language and will produce the desired response. Both are customised in-house workshops that can be run over a full day or a half day, depending on your need.

1. Writing to Win Workshop

Writing to Win is a workshop which will increase the clarity, impact and overall professionalism of on-the-job emails, letters and reports. It contains practical training on the essential skills business people need to write clear, effective, professional documents.

It is ideal for graduates & everyone who writes within the organisation.

2. Influential Writing & Communication Workshop

This course teaches the art and science of business writing. Essentials of business writing, filters of communication and the importance of word choice are covered here to ensure your communications are actioned upon.

This workshop is for senior managers, finance, sales and marketing teams.

Undecided which approach to take? Contact me and I’ll advise you which option suits you best.