Writing to Win

An ideal introductory workshop for everyone who writes within the organisation

Business owners and executives are rarely taught effective writing techniques in colleges, universities and business schools. Yet with emails, instant messaging, reports and memos dominating internal and external corporate communications, well structured copy can be difference in winning a sale or building a relationship.

Writing to Win is a customised in-house writing course which will increase the clarity, impact and overall professionalism of on-the-job e-mail, letters and reports. It contains practical training in the essential skills business people need to write clear, effective and professional documents.

The course is designed to help participants feel they can write any document confident in the knowledge that it will be understood, read and generate the desired response. This workshop is ideal for everyone within the organisation who writes for internal or external purposes.

It is an ideal introductory workshop for everyone who writes within the organisation for internal or external purposes, including graduates and admin staff.

Writing to Win – Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will know how to:

  • Write from the reader’s perspective
  • Avoid common punctuation and grammar mistakes
  • Create clearer, more concise documents
  • Take actionable information out of data
  • Structure business documents effectively
  • Give business documents that final polish before they are sent
  • Have confidence to write any document anytime

 Core Content Covered on a One-Day Intensive Course

  1. General principles of writing
  2. Good writing techniques for business correspondence
  3. Write a clear document
  4. The final piece

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