How to write web copy that sells

This article is a do-it-yourself guide to writing a sales page that sells for you. If you’ve invested in your website, then spend a few minutes on these 5 elements. Because whether you have a ‘buy now‘ button or not, you’re still selling on your website.

These five elements will help you pull your reader in, offer them compelling reasons to stay and keep them interested.

1. Write a persuasive headline

If you’re familiar with my work, you know how I talk about headlines. They are so, so important. It simply can make or break a sale. A benefit laden headline is always good.

What about using this, if you’re stuck: How to _________ so you ______________. (e.g., How to present better so you can get that job or How to lose weight so you go to the ball.) If in doubt, ‘How to’ is always a good template.

2. Describe the pain

Most of us when we go looking online are looking for a solution to a problem we have. So describe it to your reader. Then discuss your solution and how it helps solve their problem.

You want your reader to stop browsing and either buy from you or contact you. You are the answer; you provide the solution. So describe the pain and solution clearly.

3. Include testimonials

Most of us are not early adopters so we don’t buy uninitiated. We want to know that someone else has tried the solution before us. You just have to look at the number of review sites on the Internet.

So include testimonials from satisfied clients. They provide the social proof that people crave. Don’t overhype the testimonials though. Use language that your reader can relate to.

4. Focus on the navigation

My teachers at school used to always write in my report cards “Denise is a good student but easily distracted.” Some things haven’t changed but what has changed is that I know I’m not the only one. Lots of us are easily distracted by a bit of flash or animation or a click or a link to other information.

Keep your navigation to a minimum – don’t overload the page with distractions. You want your reader to remain focused on your content. Web browsing is just that – web browsing. Don’t encourage it from your sales page. Keep your reader on your page.

5. Have a call to action

So you’ve reminded your reader of the pain they are suffering, you’ve offered a solution. They’re excited. You must direct them to take action. Remind them to take action – whether it to call you, download a free report, buy online. Give them something of value in your call to action.

But just direct them to take an action in a clear way. Don’t confuse it – provide the link there and then; give the telephone number or email address. Don’t have them go to another page.


Writing a powerful sales letter is just one way to grow your business. If you want to learn how to write emails, blogs and brochures with confidence, then don’t miss a copy of the award-winning ’31 days to write better copy’. It’s available on and as an instantly downloadable PDF.

Remember – “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”


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