Look over your shoulder – Copy Critique One-Off

Congrats on deciding to stop struggling with your copy. I’m here to help with your Copy Critique.

I’m delighted to see you take action in getting your Look over your Shoulder One Off Copy Critique.

Here’s what you’ll get when I do a critique of your work:

  • A fresh set of eyes reviewing every word and phrase that you write
  • An examination into the wording or word choice that you use
  • A reconciliation to see if your written copy really matches your audience’s expectations
  • A dissection of your strengths and weaknesses to help make you a better writer
  • Expert advice on what’s good and what can be improved

Remember, I’ll take an in-depth look at

  • Your headline and sub-heads
  • Your word choice or actual wording on your document
  • Your call to action
  • The flow or structure of your document

So you’ll get an audio recording as if I were there beside you outlining how you can be clearer and crisper in your communication. You’ll get an objective view detailing how your words will help get you the result you want from your document.

This is the process involved:

1. Book Online Today

Book online today and I’ll be contact with you within 24 hours to establish a human connection and get started. (Action is the key to success).

2. Q&A email

I’ll send you a Q&A email to ask you a few questions about your copy – to help me get to know you a bit better.

3. Document upload

You can choose to email me your document or use a service like dropbox. It’s entirely up to you whichever suits.

4. Copy Critique gets underway

I’ll spend time thoroughly reviewing your document and record my thoughts so you can have in an easy to follow way.

5. Critique returned

As the recording is usually long, I use dropbox to upload the file. You will have direct access to it and can easily download it so nothing is lost in upload/download translation.

6. Follow-up

I’ll give you a week to review (tops! – remember action+success) and I’ll follow up with you to see how you are getting on.

 Get the second opinion NOW so you can press the ‘publish’ button with confidence.

Book online now for your one-off copy critique. I’ll call you at your convenience.

Drop me a note here if you can’t decide whether to go with the one-off copy critique or monthly support copy critique package. I’ll gladly discuss options with you.