A personal note from me to you…

Hey there ,

I don’t even know where to start. I’ve started this email a hundred times and even as a copywriter, I had to stop and start several times.

These are turbulent times.

Since last week, I’ve been talking to businesses who are talking about layoffs, closures and then I’ve been speaking to businesses who are doing really well.

It’s a roundabout, roller coaster and navigating will be tough.

But I wanted to send a practical email of support.

Firstly, lets talk about your health. Thankfully I’m healthy. However, my mum is recovering from cancer and my Dad has lots of lung and heart conditions. They are on lock down and practically so am I so I can continue to see them. I’m home and I’m staying home (so expect videos in my gym gear!)

You see, the most important thing in any business is the health of the owner. If you don’t have your health, then you don’t have a business…or it brings about its own challenges.

So stay safe.

Secondly, lets talk about marketing.

I feel it’s the elephant in the room. Do you continue to market and do you continue to sell?

And I’ve struggled with this….how do you balance teaching and talking about marketing and selling when some businesses are going to the wall?

But the simple fact is this – you NEED to keep marketing. You NEED to keep selling – in order to keep your business going.

This is not a time to just fire fight, and please don’t get me wrong, I understand the fire fight but there are two main reasons for you to not stop marketing:

1. You will diminish any chance of sales in the weeks or months ahead.

2. We will emerge from this…at some time. You need to have pent up demand for your services or it could be too late.

To survive and thrive, it’s all about the PIVOT.

  • Change your marketing message
  • Change your offer
  • Change your content
  • Change your website
  • Change your approach
  • to meet your clients where they are.

I was speaking to some businesses over the last week and here’s some examples of pivots:

  • a fine dining restaurant who closed their doors (before the closure) to open up a takeaway service and a pop up burger shop
  • a bar who is closed but is planning on sharing their recipes on social media to stay top of mind
  • an accountant who is sharing cash flow tips to help their clients save on non essential spending

And I’m pivoting too.

This isn’t a time for standing still. I’m planning on showing up even more than I did this time last week, last month, last year.

Free resources

We are working behind the scenes to pull together all the resources we’ve written over the years together in one place to help you.

Lets Talk Marketing

I’m interviewing guests who will give us tips to navigate these turbulent times for the Lets Talk Marketing podcast

3 Day Visibility Challenge

I’m re-doing the visibility challenge to help you top of mind in front of your clients and leads

Website Reviews

I’ll be doing website reviews to make sure your online presence is in top order

Lets Do Marketing Membership Community

I’m creating a membership site where instead of me doing your marketing, I’ll give you the tools to do it yourself.

Achieve Results with Marketing

I’ll be over on the private, free Facebook group doing videos and sharing tips on the group. I know some people don’t have facebook, don’t use facebook so if there is demand, then I will open one on Linkedin.

So I’ll send more information on these in the coming days.

These are crazy times and I’m here to support you, to help you get good (or better) at marketing. I’ve got 20 years of years experience in strategy, communications, product marketing, SME marketing and content and copywriting.

I’ve decided to fully show up to support business owners who want to thrive and survive this. Only time will tell whether it’s a good decision or not. And I want to empower you to market your business.

I’ll be in touch over the next couple of days. Reach out to me if you have any questions. Any questions – if I don’t know the answer, I’ll hopefully know someone who will.

We’re in this together. Please don’t feel alone.

Take care,


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