5 Tips to Make your Marketing Copy Flow | Episode 10

The Achievers Club Podcast with Denise Fay - 5 Tips to Make your Marketing Content Flow

Often when us, business owners write copy for marketing – website, web pages, newsletter, social media post, email, articles and much more – there is a temptation to sit back in our chair, full of pride, hear the sounds of jubilant trumpets and press Publish. 

However, my advice to you is to pause. 

You see, you need your copy to be in remarkable condition, cut to chase and captivate your reader’s imagination. In short, you need your reader to read your work. 

In this short podcast, I share 5 tips to make your marketing copy flow. Little tips that will make a difference to someone reading you copy or moving on. 

This is one to save and listen to again and again. 

You’ll soon discover on this podcast: 

  • How to avoid the dreaded wall of text,
  • The only way that people will spend their hard earned time with you,
  • How your copy should be able to strut up and down muscle beach,
  • An exercise so worthwhile but is hard (that even seasoned copywriters like me struggle with)

Links mentioned in the podcast 

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