Recession, Whiskey and Choosing a New Approach | Episode 23

Recession, Whiskey and choosing a new approach | Ep 23

What does talk of recession and whiskey have to do with marketing? 


It’s all about considering taking a new approach to marketing and more importantly, marketing mindset for 2024.

A new year stretches in front of us..and every year brings its unknowns and definitely for 2024, a lot of uncertainty.

If you’re looking to grow your business, this short podcast gives some good advice about balance and understanding how your economy may not reflect the overall economy. 

I talk about Davos, the global economy, the world bank and how it may affect our thinking. But then a bottle of whiskey can turn your mindset completely around.

And not in the way you think it will.

If you’re curious about how recession and whiskey will help you bring a new approach to your marketing, then listen in. 

I suggest 5 behaviour changes that you can adapt or bring into your marketing such as

  • ignoring fear
  • choosing words wisely…
  • For the other five, well you’ll have to listen in!

Grab your earphones and listen.

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