Ask Me Anything – Social Media | Episode 13

Ask me Anything - Social Media | Episode 13 of The Achievers Club Podcast with Denise Fay

Today’s new podcast episode is something I’ve never done before.

I get so questions network colleagues and members of the Achievers Club Community group that I see a theme coming through, so I thought I’d dedicate a podcast to it.

It’s a new format – so lets see how it goes.

I’ve decided to group the questions into one theme because I’m asked about it a lot – social media.

In this podcast, I ask (and answer) these three questions:

1. Do I really need a strategy for my business social media?

2. How do you go about creating a social media strategy?

3. How do you engage with a quiet audience?

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Remember, I don’t mind if you’re going one mile an hour or 100 miles an hour, just keep the marketing momentum going.

Until next time, take care.

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