August Marketing Ideas | Episode 7

August Marketing Tips to Create Momentum and Finish Strong

August. Not fully Autumn, not fully summer and yet August is a fabulous month to enjoy.

It speaks of lazy days, bbqs and time to relax and rejuvenate.

In terms of business, it’s a great time to reap the planning of the summer months and prepare for the Autumn. It’s one of those months that as business owners, we tend to take our foot off the pedal a bit, before the madness of Finishing Strong kicks in.

In this podcast, I share why it’s important to stay marketing in August and talk about three things: 

1. Meet your Audience where they are at

2. Use Fun Holiday Themes and Days

3. Use ‘Back to School‘ Mindset to Plan

Some people never check email or social during August, some double down on it. Being visible with some fun, planned posts and emails will make a difference when it comes to taking advantage of the ‘back to school’ mindset in September.

Make hay as the sun shines so put in a small amount of effort now and yield the results later.

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