December Marketing Ideas – | Episode 28

December Marketing Ideas - A podcast jampacked with tips

Ahh Christmas, twinkling lights and smiling faces.

December brings with it a number of holidays,  most notably Christmas with it’s trees, presents, decorations and sometimes stress!

A lot of business owners tend to take the foot of the pedal a little at this time of the year – and when you’re going and going for over 350 days of the year, that’s to be expected.

However, in this episode, December Marketing Ideas, Denise Fay and Shane Cowley talk about why it’s important that you stay marketing. Our ethos for December – and every month – is to #alwaysbemarketing.

Here’s a little glance into this episode:

  • Why it’s important to always be marketing 
  • How you you can make it easier on yourself 
  • Save time by doing this one thing…and you’re guaranteed to stay on top of your marketing
  • Think about the long game 
  • How and why its vital that you stand out in December. 

Enjoy it – grab yourself a Christmas beverage – cinnamon tea or a spiced latte – and listen to the banter between us.

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