February Marketing Tips | Episode 12

February Marketing Tips | The Achievers Club Podcast with Denise Fay

February Marketing Tips – post Valentines Day!

Marketing in February, for so many businesses, centres on Valentines Day.

This podcast is dedicated to marketing post Valentines Day…giving you exactly two weeks to maximise your marketing to create momentum.

In this podcast, I share three strategies to get your marketing springing forward.

  1. The first strategy I give you is all about love. After all, love is all around us…and what I’d like for you is that customers start associating your company, message, brand with a brand that they love.

There are five categories of love that I talk about – from ‘OMG, the best brand ever’ to ‘Who??”.

And then I give you three tips on how to go build your personality around your YOU factor.

2. The second strategy relates to content and getting out there and writing some.

YOU are the only one that has the expertise, experience and life lessons that you have gained. No amount of AI can replace that.

So share it between now and the end of February. I give you ideas here.

3. The third strategy is often overlooked – promoting a product or service.

This podcast has actionable, practical strategies and tips to action immediately and between now and the end of February.

So while you may munch on a chocolate or two, sip a glass of bubbles or just kick back and order dinner in (or not), take a listen and decide which strategy to implement.

I look forward to hearing which one (or three) you pick.

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