How To Be Consistent in Marketing | Episode 5

How to be Consistent in Marketing | Episode 5 of The Achievers Club with Denise Fay

Consistency in marketing drives content, communication and results which is why I’m dedicating a full episode to getting consistent in marketing.

If you struggle to be consistent in marketing, then this episode is for you.

Being an entrepreneur, a business person and a person who wants to reach more people takes hard work. There is no hack. Regardless of how many times you fail, how many times people will tell you that it won’t work, get a real job, you have to stay consistent.

And it’s the same with your marketing.

If you’re experiencing peaks and troughs, then you have a consistency issue.

In this episode, I talk about

  • examples of actors and business people who never gave up because of consistency
  • three strategies that you may have heard before but today is day you take action
  • a bonus strategy that will keep you consistent – again and again…because of its powerful effect on the brain.


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