Introducing The Achievers Club Podcast

The Achievers Club with Denise Fay Podcast

In this inaugural episode of The Achievers Club podcast, your host, Denise Fay talks about why the name has changed from Lets Talk Marketing to The Achievers Club.

It all comes down to marketing messaging and being brave enough to market with values aswell as a message.

In this short podcast, Denise explains two main reasons why the podcast name has changed and introduces you to the concept of Kaizen.


When you’re ready to achieve more, here are three ways to join the community:

1. The free community group over at The Achievers Club Community.

2. Join the Membership community at The Achievers Club This is where you’ll get weekly support and monthly training from me personally. This is my favourite place to hang out.

3. Come join the conversation with me, Denise Fay of Achieve Marketing on Instagram –  it’s my favourite platform at the moment.

Visit the Achieve Marketing website for more information.

The Achievers Club exists because if want to grow your business, you shouldn’t have to feel confused, alone or unsupported.

To your continued success,




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