Ramp up your Marketing | Episode 3

Ramp up your marketing - The Achievers Club Podcast with Denise Fay - Episode 3

Two years ago. That’s when the world stopped and became a movie.

Would we ever have believed it if someone told us in 2019 what 2020 was going to be like?!

Things are opening up now in 2022. However, Now has it’s own challenges. Rising prices, rising energy prices, rising inflation, war in the Ukraine.

Nobody knows what’s around the next corner.

In this podcast, I talk about my inspired thought that I made into a video, one that encourages you to step up and market more. I explain why in this podcast despite the fear and uncertainty that’s around us.

If you make a difference with your business, then I encourage you to market more….so you can reach more people and create a ripple effect.

I give three strategies that are implementable today. You can pause…in fact, I tell you to at a certain point and take action.

The world has changed and the world needs what you provide.

Create a ripple effect, listen to this podcast and take action today.

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