School Lessons v Business Lessons

You know it’s funny how life works. I got an email last week talking about how we try to find it at school. How important it is to fit in.
Some of us thought we didn’t fit in – the goths, the grungers, the basketballers, the other smaller groups.
But the truth is, we all tried to fit in. With a group that was like us.
It helped us to not be lonely.
So in one hand, we were taught to ‘fit in‘ but on the other hand as business owners ‘how do we stand out’?
Because there are two things that happen when you don’t stand out in a sea of saturation (and yes, your market is saturated).
1. People will compare to you other suppliers in your niche. If they compare, the first thing they’ll do is compare on price. And price alone. This is a road that goes nowhere but to the bottom.
2. A confused mind never buys. If they don’t know what you do, what you do differently, then they’re never going to buy.
During Start Stronger, the 8 week marketing training programme, we’ll dive deep into what makes you special. Unique in your market.
It doesn’t have to be anything big or loud, it could be the smallest thing and the thing that is right under your nose.
Together we’ll figure it out.
Join today and get some great bonuses – they go away on Friday, 2nd February.

Let 2018 be the year that you stop being like everyone else and embrace the business you truly want.


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