Success is often not a straight line

At 18 miles in this year’s New York Marathon, the rain got into my phone and it died. No biggie in the big scheme of things because betweeen 18-26 miles, I’m hardly going to be chatting on the phone!
But I use it for my music.
So I had no music for 8 miles. Now, it didn’t bother me until 23 miles when all that negative chitter chatter gets into your head. I never have had to listen to it because I always had the music to keep me going.
Instead of my dream of running into Central Park, admiring the yellowing leaves of the Park, arms punching the air as I crossed the finish line. The reality was that I had my head down, I was soaking wet and I couldn’t wait to finish.
Success is often not what you think.
It was my quickest ever marathon, I ran the last mile as fast as the first. I totally loved the whole marathon except for the last bit.
But sometimes we don’t see the woods for the trees.
I sat down after I crossed the line and had a little tear. Then I got myself together, realised I had just done something that some people will never do. It was a superb experience. Just because the last bit was hard, didn’t mean the whole thing was hard. I loved the party that was Brooklyn, I loved the welcome from the Bronx.
So it rained. So I didn’t have the finish I wanted but I DID it. With a PERSONAL BEST.
Things often never go as planned.
I wanted you to share this story today to tell you that you don’t have to be perfect to be successful. You don’t have to have the perfect business to be successful.
What you need is

  • The right attitude.
  • Resilience.
  • Plan B.

That’s something that we will talk about in our Start Stronger Training, starting February 6th.
I want to help you plan for 2018 and make it your BEST year. But I also know that sometimes the best laid plans don’t work out and we need to know how to deal with it.

Are you ready to Start Stronger?

Make your FIRST Quarter your STRONGEST quarter.

success is not always a straight line by denise fayOh and by the way, that photo of me with the medal was taken after I had a chat with myself after shedding the tear!
Would you think that?
No…it’s how we react to things that determine our success.

If you haven’t got the clients you want or the success you want, change direction and Start Stronger.

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